Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yellowstone Park - third tour

You know, I think that one could spend one week at Yellowstone and not see all the places. It's mighty big here, let me tell you!Today was my third and last tour around the park. The sun was shining again but we didn't see many animals today. Some people though were standing on the road and when we were asking them what they were looking at the man says: my wife just saw a wolf. Oh my, I got really nervous and checked the whole area with my binoculars ... but NO wolf. (I've been told that they move pretty quick...) Wouldn't that have been amazing? To see a wolf? Even from very far away???

Anyway, my stay at Yellowstone Park will be over tomorrow morning. I will fly back to Chicago (via Salt Lake City), stay at my friend's house for one night and then fly back on Thursday evening. In other words: my trip is almost over.

You won't read from me until I get back home probably. Now, you'll have to excuse me - I need to pack (again!). Did a lot of that these last days so I am getting real good at it SMILE
Bon voyage!

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