Sunday, June 3, 2012

Second part: train journey from Chicago to LA

I have just arrived to Santa Monica / Los Angeles, California today after a 46 hours train trip from Chicago to LA. More about LA later. Now I want to talk about my train journey. It was soooo totally cool. I have seen so many States, so many different landscapes. Met so many people, cool and strange ones. Who would have thought? I hoped that it would be a memorable trip but, hey, who would have thought it was gonna be unforgettable? And by the way - I have already new ideas of new train trips all over the States (yes! I have been talking to a lot of people the last two days SMILE - they were inspiring).
I want to shares some pictures of the different landscapes (there were soooo many - incredible)

Mississippi River

sunset in Missouri


sunrise over Kanses (from my sleeping room)

Colorado - flat for the frist couple of hours...

... and then the Colorado mountains appeared

Then we were in New Mexico - my favourite - have to go back there:

On my second morning, LA California was just there - out of my window:

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