Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fifth and last stop: Yellowstone Park (Montana)

Oh my. What a day. I got up at 3.30 am, taxi waited for me at 4 am. 30 minutes drive to Oakland Airport. 45 minutes standing in line for the bag drop-off. 30 minutes waiting for the boarding. 1.5 hours flight to Salt Lake City. 1 hour time to find gate E80 - plane to Yellowstone West. 1 hour flight on a small (and when I say small than I mean SMALL, really small - it had propellers - just to tell you). The arrival at Yellowstone West. A place in the middle of nowhere. Wonderful. And the airport was sooo small that the lady of the check-in desk actually called the hotels of the arrving guests in order to find out if they offer free pick-up or not. Do you believe that? Everybody is really friendly...After check-in at the hotel, I first had to lay down and sleep for an hour. Then I went out to check out the city. uuuh. City? No no no. Not city. More a couple of blocks forming this main entrance to the Yellowstone Park.
Tomorrow, 8am, I will go on a guided tour in Yellowstone Park. Can't wait to see and "feel" the place.

PS: I forgot to mention: it's cold. And when I say cold, then I mean cold. But at least it's not raining (do the snow flakes that fall even if the sun is shining count? SMILE). They expect tempuretes below zero degres for tonight... As I said: oh my...

PSS: Unfortunately, I can't post any pictures as the internet connection is not strong enough

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