Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First stop: Chicago

I have arrived in Chicago and I feel like I've never left. It's amazing. Some places are in your heart once and they never leave. Chicago is such a place for me. I walked on the streets of Downtown Chicago today and it felt right!I am staying at a friend's house, out in the suburbs, which is pretty nice. The house is near the lake and has a nice small downtown itself. Therefore, we went out for dinner and I loved it because I got to know another neighborhood. Honestly? I could live here. If it weren't for the harsh winters...

Anyway. I am not posting any pictures because ... I didn't take any. I took sooooo many pictures the last time I visited (I can't believe it was almost 2 years ago) that I don't feel like taking all of them again. Therefore, no picutres for another couple of days... I am sorry :-)

BTW (=By the way), I got myself a cell phone. Yes, yes, I've have got an American cell phone now!! I wanted to buy one the last time I visited but then somehow I didn't. This time I got one and I feel even more at home now BIG SMILE

PS: Tomorrow is my second and therefore last whole day in Chicago - I am gonna spend it doing some shopping and going to the museum. My train for LA (where I am NOT going to have internet access) leaves on Friday afternoon...

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