Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chicago... again

Well, I finally did take some new pictures of Chicago. Why? Because today it was raining like crazy. And as I walked the streets, I realized that I actually had never seen Chicago in the rain. During the almost three weeks I stayed here, two years ago, the weather was always nice and hot. Today, it was windy and rainy...I went to the Art Institute today and later I went shopping. I got a bit wet but, hey, I am not complaining - I am off to California (sunny and hot California, bien entendu) tomorrow. Talking about California makes me think of telling you that during these 45 hours train journey through the Mid and Western part of the US will be without any blog updates from my part. No internet on the train! I will arrive in Los Angeles on Sunday and post my impressions and pictures then. Wish me BON VOYAGE. Uuuuh, I actually can't wait to be on the train...
the lion of the Art Institute today (by rain)....

... and two years ago (in sunny weather)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First stop: Chicago

I have arrived in Chicago and I feel like I've never left. It's amazing. Some places are in your heart once and they never leave. Chicago is such a place for me. I walked on the streets of Downtown Chicago today and it felt right!I am staying at a friend's house, out in the suburbs, which is pretty nice. The house is near the lake and has a nice small downtown itself. Therefore, we went out for dinner and I loved it because I got to know another neighborhood. Honestly? I could live here. If it weren't for the harsh winters...

Anyway. I am not posting any pictures because ... I didn't take any. I took sooooo many pictures the last time I visited (I can't believe it was almost 2 years ago) that I don't feel like taking all of them again. Therefore, no picutres for another couple of days... I am sorry :-)

BTW (=By the way), I got myself a cell phone. Yes, yes, I've have got an American cell phone now!! I wanted to buy one the last time I visited but then somehow I didn't. This time I got one and I feel even more at home now BIG SMILE

PS: Tomorrow is my second and therefore last whole day in Chicago - I am gonna spend it doing some shopping and going to the museum. My train for LA (where I am NOT going to have internet access) leaves on Friday afternoon...

Monday, May 28, 2012

U.S. of A.

I am getting good at this - packing. I don't even wish for a butler any longer (even though - in my wildest dreams I still have one SMILE). Good, this time it's easy to pack because the weather will (almost) be good in all the places I will visit. This is what the weather forecast tells me:
Chicago: between 23 and 27 °C (sunny and cloudy at times)
Los Angeles: 30°C ALL THE TIME
San Francisco: same as Chicago
During the train journey from Chicago to LA the weather is not crucial as I will be IN the train.

The only exception is Yellowstone Park. When I checked the day before last, it said "snow"! Oh my, oh my!!! I am definitively NOT ready (mentally and logistically) to handle snow but now the weather has changed and it shows temperatures between 12 and 19 °C. Mostly cloudy - but, hey, who cares? As long as it isn't snowing SMILE

Therefore, tomorrow I am off to my beloved U.S. of A. Keep you updated!


Friday, May 25, 2012

The Other's World: Line Dancing

I have known Fabienne a couple of months now. She is my Line Dance teacher. She is a wonderful teacher. She is sooo patient with us and explains the dancing steps over and over and over again. (I have no idea how she does that - but she does!!) I love Line Dancing, I love my Thursday nights at her Line Dance School (more infos: It's wonderful to be dancing again!
I can feel Fabienne's passion for Line Dancing and I gathered that she spends most of her spare time with her friends from Line Dance. I wanted to know more about her and about Line Dance in general.
The movie below has been recorded by me and show the legs of my Thursday dancing buddies!! They are all great, by the way!
Let's find out what Fabienne has to tell us:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Zürichsee-Rundweg: Etappe 6 (Schmerikon - Rapperswil)

Saturday was the ideal day (weatherwise) to walk section 6 of my "Zürichsee-Rundweg" project. What a lovely walk. The path goes all along the lake and the altitude difference is only 16 meters (compared to the 141 meters of last week which is still ridiculously little, I know. There will be other sections, don't you worry!). That is why I can't call it "hiking tour" SMILE
This time I was accompagnied by a friend of mine which was very nice. We talked, we enjoyed the view and after 2.5 hours of walking we had a very nice lunch in Rapperswil.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Zürichsee-Rundweg: Etappe 3 (pics only)

Zürichsee-Rundweg: Etappe 3 (Horgen - Richterswil)

Per Zufall (an den ich ja nicht glaube) fand ich im Internet eine interessante Seite:
Ich bestellte das Info-Booklet und da war mir klar: Ich will all diese Etappen gehen (nicht unbedingt der Reihe nach) und dann hier darüber berichten (mit Fotos natürlich).

Gedacht - getan.

Am letzten Freitag (der heisseste Tag im Monat, aber wer will schon kleinlich sein??) entschied ich mich, das Teilstück von Horgen bis Richterswil (laut Programm die Etappe 3) zu gehen.
Das schwierigste an der Vorbereitung war, zu verstehen, WO genau die einzelnen Etappen beginnen (das Booklet von Zürichsee Tourismus sah zwar schön aus, war aber nicht genügend genau). Am Bahnhof? Irgendwo? Ich erkundigte mich bei denen und mir wurde erklärt, dass gewisse Routen über den Bahnhof führen. Horgen und Richterswil waren auf dieser Liste, glücklicherweise! Ich wollte mich ja nicht schon beim ersten Versuch verlaufen, nicht wahr?

Vom Bahnhof watschelte ich also Richtung See.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I got to know G. when I was still working at the bank. He was the apprentice at that time. We didn't know each other well but my impression has always been that G. was a young man who knew exactly what he wanted.
A couple of weeks back, I heard (on the grapevine SMILE - I might no longer work there but I keep getting informed) that he decided to quit the bank (and his well-paid job) to become a student.
I admire anybody who has the courage to change its life, to take risks and I particularly love it when young people do so. Fills me with hope for our future...

Let's find out what he has to tell us:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Gurten and Sankt-Peter-Insel (Bielersee)

Took two very nice hiking tours this weekend. The pictures were only partially taken by me ... most of them were taken by my (almost) 11-year-old goddaughter who, at least I think so, has a very good eye (the first picture is my favourite)!
PS: The first two pictures are from the walk to the Gurten and the other three from the Sankt-Peter-Insel on the lake of Biel

Friday, May 4, 2012


Went on a (kind of) hiking tour on Tuesday. I had never been to Appenzeller Land in my life and as my friend suggested Heiden as starting point of our tour, I was thrilled. We took her baby dog with us. We spend a wonderful day - here some pictures: