Friday, April 27, 2012

Swimsuits or why I hate dressing rooms

I love summer time! I really do and now that the sun is shining again and the temperatures are reaching summerly conditions, my heart feels lightweighted and I feel like smiling all the time.
There is one "chore" though, as to summer time, that I don't particularly like. Buying myself a new bathing suit or, worse, a bikini! Oh wow. Especially for someone like me who hasn't a model figure!
You know, I needed a new swimsuit (I am good bikini wise, fortunately!).
Yesterday, I woke up and thought: today is the day. I had seen a rather apt swimsuit on Saturday but Saturday I didn't feel like trying on swimsuits. But yesterday, yes, yesterday was good.
While trying on the various models and sizes, I figured out why this is such a hateful moment of pre-summer.

1) the lights in the dressing rooms: incredible and impossible. Why don't they figure out better lightning? Do they want us to feel ugly and fat? This can't possibly good for business, right? Or maybe they only want customers that are thin and good-looking (as in: customers who look at themselves in the mirror and ALWAYS think: OMG, I look sooooo good!)?

2) swimsuits or bikinis in the mentioned dressing rooms with the mentioned (bad) lights show you (quite plainly) all the pizzas, desserts and other yummy stuff that you ate last winter (and that you shouldn't have - but hey, they were so delicious!). It's harsh! We're only human after all.

3) white skin. WINTER white skin. Pug-ugly. Really! (Winter) white skin shows EVERYTHING in a bad light. When I look at myself in a swimsuit at the end of summer, I never have the same feeling. My skin is brown and I somehow look "thinner".

Thankfully, I am a sensible person and try not only to accept myself the way I am but also my body. Life is easier that way. In addition, my desire to go to the beach and get a terrific sun tan cannot be forgotten so easily. Therefore, I continue buying swimsuits and bikinis ... I simply try not to look at the mirror too often while trying on swimsuits :-)

By the way: I found a swimsuit and am ready to go to the beach!

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