Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Changing weather

I woke up to the sound of ... rain! Well, what could I do? Weather can't be changed and therefore I decided to take it easy and to wait and see.After breakfast the rain was ... almost gone. Good sign. I decided to walk to Portofino. The lady at the front office told me that Portofino was about 5 km away and that almost the whole path was along the sea. Good, that was my today's plan.
I started walking and it wasn't raining any longer. But the sea was wild - very wild. See below picture. It was almost scary because the path was literally along the sea and sometimes the waves were so big that I risked to take a sea water shower SMILE (I fortunately didn't).

I arrived in Portofino (a wonderful walk!), visited some churches, walked to the light house and enjoyed this cute little city. After lunch ... well, the sun came out. It changed the whole feeling of the place. It made it even more beautiful :-)

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