Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking pictures

While strolling around the small alleys of Venice, taking pictures and absorbing the beauty around me, I noticed that most of the tourists had way (but wwwwaaayyyy) bigger photo cameras than mine. More sophisticated devices, with big zooms - very big zooms. It was rather impressive.
The first day I continued taking pictures with my small pocket camera, ignoring all those ... technology freaks around me.
By the second day, ignoring them became more difficult. Suddendly, it were like I was the only one with an embarrassingly small and not sophisticated at all pocket camera. I figured that they would take wonderful pictures with their wonderful shiny new cameras.
Then - thankfully! - I remembered an acquaintance of mine (who is a professional photographer). He once told me that his best work was done ... with a simple pocket camera! I remembered him telling me that the camera wasn't that important - important were the ideas and the ... eye. You have to "see" things, to perceive them, in order to take good pictures.

I was glad I remembered his words. I will keep on taking pictures with my stylish pocket camera (hey, style is important!!!) and won't stop perceiving the beauty of our planet (and spend the money not on a new camera but on a new trip!!).

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