Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Other's World: LOVE FOR DOGS

J. is a good friend of mine. We've known each other for... many years. It's best that I won't say how many years it has been because... it makes the two of us seem really old SMILE. Well, let's just say that I have seen her kids grow! J. and I share the same passion for life and have a similar basic energy that makes us understand each other without many words (even though we like to talk for hours!). She is my ears, sometimes, when I need to speak out loud what is going on inside my head (and vice versa).
J. loves animals. She has got a dog, four cats and an aquarium full of fishes.

Here what she has to tell us about her love for dogs:

Spring ... outdoors and indoors

Where am I?

Der Kinderzoo hat andere ... Prioritäten :-)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Riflettere / to reflect / widerspiegeln u/o überlegen

In Venice the bridges and palazzis reflected in the waters of the canali:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking pictures

While strolling around the small alleys of Venice, taking pictures and absorbing the beauty around me, I noticed that most of the tourists had way (but wwwwaaayyyy) bigger photo cameras than mine. More sophisticated devices, with big zooms - very big zooms. It was rather impressive.
The first day I continued taking pictures with my small pocket camera, ignoring all those ... technology freaks around me.
By the second day, ignoring them became more difficult. Suddendly, it were like I was the only one with an embarrassingly small and not sophisticated at all pocket camera. I figured that they would take wonderful pictures with their wonderful shiny new cameras.
Then - thankfully! - I remembered an acquaintance of mine (who is a professional photographer). He once told me that his best work was done ... with a simple pocket camera! I remembered him telling me that the camera wasn't that important - important were the ideas and the ... eye. You have to "see" things, to perceive them, in order to take good pictures.

I was glad I remembered his words. I will keep on taking pictures with my stylish pocket camera (hey, style is important!!!) and won't stop perceiving the beauty of our planet (and spend the money not on a new camera but on a new trip!!).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Other's World: MUSICAL

Tania is my cousin (on my father's side). When we were younger, we didn't know each other well because of the age difference (not living in the same country didn't help much SMILE). She used to hang out more with my brother, who is her same age, than with me. But a couple of years back, when, for four years, I spent 6 months a year (or so) in Italy, we got to learn more of each other (I love her kids and we spent a lot of time at the beach or visiting places). That's when she first mentioned her desire to become a director / creative director of a Musical (singing, dancing, producing). I was totally thrilled by this idea (you know that I love good ideas!). The year after I went to see the first Musical produced by her and performed by her and her crew ( and she hasn't stopped since then.

Here what she has to tell us (for the German translation, please scroll all the way down - after the fourth picture):

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Door bells ... the Venetian Way

Isn't this classy???

Venice ... concluding

I have been back 3 days now. Well, at least my body has been. My soul is still somewhat in between. Venice has been really intense. I can't find another word to describe my stay at the Serenissima. I've been absorbing all these impressions:
  • the buildings
  • the Canali
  • the people
  • the odors (smelly sometimes)
  • the wind
  • the water
  • the sea
  • the beauty - oh yes, I think what I absorbed the most was BEAUTY.
It's like ... another world (which goes very well with my blog, by the way, I just realised SMILE). Places where there are no cars are special. You move slowly. You have time to watch and to see and to feel. Venice has boats, OK, I concede you this. But even if they have boats, the Canali are too small to drive fast. Therefore the city has its own (slow) rhythm which pleased me very much.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

On the Vaporetto

Venice - second day

I've been to the beach today. La spiaggia del Lido di Venezia. The weather was warm and the walk so very nice. Judge for yourself:

The rest of my afternoon was then spent... getting lost. This city is crazy!!!! Not one street goes straight on. Right, left, over bridges, over Piazzas, again right, a bit straight on, left, bridge... I think you got the idea!!!
It was wonderful.
I've walked and walked and walked. Took two wrong Vaporetto, landed in Burano (even if I didn't want to go there!!) ... and I totally enjoyed myself.
What a crazy and wonderful city!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Venice - first day

My oh my - I am tired. I have spent 12 hours on my feet, wandering around, getting into the Venezia feeling. I have visited three museums, seen so much beauty, my head is still spinning.

What a city! but honestly I am too tired to put my feeling into some nice words. All I have energy left for is to post some pictures (out of the 145 taken):

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Journey to Venice

It should have been an easy journey: Zurich - Milano // Milano - Venezia.
It came differently.

I arrived at the main station, relaxed and happy to go on a new journey, but the panel said: train cancelled.
I became very nervous and began looking for some information. First they said that maybe the train was leaving even though the panel was saying something else. Then another guy said I had to take another train ... at 12.30 (imagine my face when he told me that!!! I wouldn't have made it to Venice today) but finally I was told to be ready at 9.02 (only half an hour later than my normal departure) and that I would arrive in Venice ... 2 hours and quite some stopovers later (see below).
Oh wow. I hate stopovers but what was I to do? The landslide near Göschenen wasn't done on purpose, right?
Well, so I went for a bizarre journey:

1) by train from Zurich to Brig
2) on foot to Brig Autoquai (took almost 10 minutes)
3) by train (that load cars as well) to Iselle
4) on foot to Iselle Stazione (thankfully only a couple of minutes)
5) by bus to Domodossola
6) by train to Milano Centrale
7) by train to Venezia S. Lucia

WHAT A JOURNEY (and I even got to see places that I'd never thought I'd see - like Domodossola or Stresa on the Lago Maggiore).

I arrived in Venice two hours later than scheduled, tired and hungry. But as soon as I left the Venice railway station I instantly forgot my day's troubles: I was standing in front of Canale Grande!!

I'd made it.

And I even got myself (another) room with a view...

Good night, everybody. Sleep well. I certainly will :-)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Thursday morning I will be leaving for Venice. I am totally excited about this short trip to the wonderful "Serenissima". I will certainly keep you updated - with pictures and words, as usual.

Venezia, arrivo!