Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zen like state of mind

2011 has shown me that I need my life to go from the outside to the inside. It's difficult to describe. My power and my energie always suggest that I go forward. I have nothing against going forward but it's the speed that I want to change. I usually move forward way too fast. Way too fast!

Then came 2011 with all the ideas I had. I was convinced that I would realise all these ideas instantly. This minute please. No patience to wait another day (not even talking about a months or even several months - oh my God, noooo way!).
Well, the ideas might have been nice but ... nothing happened. NOTHING AT ALL. Then I went to La Gomera, I stopped fighting against myself and I started being "inside myself". It felt good (and still does). I kind of listen to what my inner self (I don't know how to call it) has to say before doing something and, more importantly, before talking about it. I found out that talking too much is not too good. I suppose that is why monks remain silent. Words can be destructive, sometimes.
This new "Zen like state of mind" takes patience (uuuhh, again this word!!) and it takes faith. But it feels ooohhh soooo good, and suddenly "things" start to materialize. Unbelievable.

I am that close to solve my "problem" re a new appartment (a wonderful solution that I wouldn't have thought of last year), I have started writing again (see my The Other's World rubric, a couple of very important changes in my novel and I hope to have new ideas in the future). I am off to Venice in two weeks (have I told you about it? No? Yes, I am going to Venice for a couple of days) and suddenly I am not panicked about not having enough money.
Everything runs slowly but nicely.

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