Monday, February 27, 2012


Schildkröte beim Entfernen von Parasiten (aufgenommen vor Velidhu, Malediven, Nov. 2008)

I got to know Elmar when I was still working in the bank. I remember his photography exhibit he did in the atrium of our building. Gorgeous pictures! The photos were displayed for a couple of days and I spent several lunch breaks looking at the pictures and ... dreaming of other worlds (and possible journeys around the world). Be assured that the afternoons that followed were not my most ... efficient :-)
This is why I've asked Elmar if he was interested in answering my questions and was very excited when he agreed to do so (and allowed me to post his fabulous pictures as well). I love the fact that he brings up the pollution of the Sea/environment. It's a topic that interests me very much as well and as you can read below, there are always ways to help:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zen like state of mind

2011 has shown me that I need my life to go from the outside to the inside. It's difficult to describe. My power and my energie always suggest that I go forward. I have nothing against going forward but it's the speed that I want to change. I usually move forward way too fast. Way too fast!

Then came 2011 with all the ideas I had. I was convinced that I would realise all these ideas instantly. This minute please. No patience to wait another day (not even talking about a months or even several months - oh my God, noooo way!).
Well, the ideas might have been nice but ... nothing happened. NOTHING AT ALL. Then I went to La Gomera, I stopped fighting against myself and I started being "inside myself". It felt good (and still does). I kind of listen to what my inner self (I don't know how to call it) has to say before doing something and, more importantly, before talking about it. I found out that talking too much is not too good. I suppose that is why monks remain silent. Words can be destructive, sometimes.
This new "Zen like state of mind" takes patience (uuuhh, again this word!!) and it takes faith. But it feels ooohhh soooo good, and suddenly "things" start to materialize. Unbelievable.

I am that close to solve my "problem" re a new appartment (a wonderful solution that I wouldn't have thought of last year), I have started writing again (see my The Other's World rubric, a couple of very important changes in my novel and I hope to have new ideas in the future). I am off to Venice in two weeks (have I told you about it? No? Yes, I am going to Venice for a couple of days) and suddenly I am not panicked about not having enough money.
Everything runs slowly but nicely.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Other's World: DRUMMING

M. is the husband of my Yoga teacher who is an old friend of mine. M. and I know each other ... since my Yoga teacher and he fell in love :-).
He is a funny and interesting guy who has a passion for travel. If it were up to him, he would simply spend his time travelling the world. He did (accompagnied by his wife) a couple of years back. They spent 1 1/2 years all over Asia.

The picture you see above is from Wikipedia because M. didn't have any pictures of his Djemb√©. The other two were taken by me on La Gomera. I have chosen them because they remind me of drumming. Why, you ask? Because each evening, just before sunset, the beach of La Playa (Valle del Rey) began to fill up. People came to watch the sunset and listen to the drummers who, each evening, were saying goodbye to the day. It was a magical ambiance, believe me!
Here what M. has to say about drumming:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some thoughts

I had two comments on my latest post. Very nice ones, that is. Isn't that cool?? I want to thank these two persons for the nice words. I am grateful. Grateful to have had this idea with "the other's world", grateful to all the fantastic people I know and grateful that people take their time to read my words.


"The other's world" will continue but you have to be patient. ha ha. This is funny. I am telling you to be patient while being one of the most impatient person in this world :-) But hey, getting older (uuuuhhh) has shown me that good things take time. Like good wine, right? Therefore, 2012 will also be about learning to be patient. That's what my yoga lessons and my Qi Gong courses are for, right???

Monday, February 13, 2012

The other's world: COACHING PEOPLE

I am proud to publish the first answers/questions in my new category of posts: The other's world (as in the opposite to Simonetta's world).

I have known J. for many years. She was actually the one who hired me for a bank job whereas I didn't have ANY experience in this kind of business (that was MANY years ago). She believed in me when all the others only talked about my missing experience. She is quite a fascinating lady. I like her because she never gets tired of moving forward. She is not afraid of changes and she makes the best out of everything. Our relationship changed over the years. At the beginning she was my boss, then we were colleagues who went for lunch from time to time and now we are friends.

She coaches people. I admire her for that. Could you coach people? I certainly couldn't (I am not a people person in that way!). But she is. Wholeheartedly.

Here her answers. The pictures are mine, by the way, but she has chosen them. They go pretty well with what she is and what she is telling us.

Friday, February 10, 2012

New Idea

I had a new idea for this blog. It was born because I feel like writing again - not only my novel or posts on my blog but some writing like I did back when I was working for magazines etc. My 2012 is more and more about doing exactly what I like and as I love telling stories, the outcome was kind of obvious.
As my pictures are usually about nature, my words are gonna be about people. Our world is getting more and more homogeneous, unfortunately. Think about it: we wear the same clothes that we buy at the same stores, we eat the same food all over, we go on vacation to the same places, etc.
Nevertheless, I am convinced that the human being is a wonderful creature. Every single one of us remains special and different.  Some of us know - others not yet.

This is what my interviews are gonna be about.

I will ask different people the same five questions about their life and their Art. I choose the word "Art" because I was looking for a neutral word that would go with everybody. You know, in my opinion, being an Artist has many faces. There are those who are great with make-up, others are good with people, or with words, or are great singers or athletes.
People who live a life they love.

I am totally excited about this (TOTALLY!!) and I can't wait to post the first interview!

Monday, February 6, 2012


I went to a Yoga session. Yes, yes, I did it. Doing Yoga hasn't been on top of my priority list, I must admit, but since a very good friend of mine is now an official Yoga teacher and she has started her own lessons last week, I thought that the moment had come to try it out and to form my own opinion.
Well, it was good. Very good even. Who would have thought? Apparently, I have been told, there is Yoga and Yoga. Some instructors are more into doing Yoga like they were doing sports, others have a more spiritual access to it. My friend though found a good way in between, I thought. We did some Asanas (that's what the "moves" are called) and we did some meditation.

When I left, one hour and a half later, I was feeling good. My mind was empty and I felt my body as being one "unit" again (difficult to describe - I am sorry).
I've decided to go again and see where this ... "road" will take me.

Friday, February 3, 2012


You know, I was thinking about doors today, not the literal sense of the word though, I was more thinking about the "philosophic" meaning to it. Opening doors = new possibilities. I was thinking that sometimes one has to open a "strange" and unknown door in order to advance in life and to catch new opportunities. More to that when I thought it through. In the meantime, thinking about doors made me think of all the doors I photographed in San Sebastian de la Gomera, on my last trip.