Sunday, January 15, 2012


I like taking pictures and I love exhibitions on photography. Therefore, I couldn't miss the annual photo exhibition of my town: Photo 12.I spent a wonderful 2 hours yesterday looking at all kind of pictures and later on thinking about what makes Art ... Art.
But first let me tell you about the biggest surprise of the day. I met an "old" acquaintance (someone I had met in Chicago, 1.5 years ago). I didn't actually met him in person but his photos. It was a wonderful surprise and I like his pictures very much ( Have a look at his US pictures!

Besides meeting his pictures, looking at all the photos made me think about the definition of Art. Is taking pictures while visiting a foreign country already "Art"? Is taking pictures of striking faces "Art" as well? When I philosophize about Art with one of my friends, then I am keen to repeat that Art is also about "having the idea". When you look at the final product, then it's easy to say: I could do this as well. What you didn't do, though, is have the idea.

That's my question. What is the idea behind taking pictures of striking faces? Or foreign places? I don't see any Art in this. It's more decoration or then a documentary. The latter, yes, I agree. But no Art.

But hey, I may be mistaken...

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