Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Life without sugar is harder than I thought it would be. My mind is totally screwed and is claiming a bit of chocolate, cookies etc. several times per day. Fortunately, my cupboards are free of temptations what makes the handling of these deep cravings easier, at least a bit.

Don't you think that habits are a funny thing? Sometimes one does something not because one wants to do it but ... because one's habit is to do so. One of my friends, for example, who stopped smoking told me a funny story about habits. In her case, to stop smoking was also to stop drinking coffee ... because the cigarette always went so well with the coffee and as cigarettes disappeared from her live, coffee had to go as well.
Today, she is still not smoking and not drinking coffee!

Fortunately, my sugar habits are not linked to something else. It's just this craving I feel. I am confident though that the craving will go away and I will go back to a normal use of sugar (meaning: indulge in some chocolate from time to time and NOT because I always eat it after dinner).
By the way, I had dinner with a friend yesterday and I didn't have dessert. oh my oh my oh my. It was hard. The restaurant has this wonderful "crème aux marrons" that I absolutely adore. TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY ADORE. But I didn't take it. On the way home I was so proud about myself. I don't want my sugar craving to control my life :-)

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