Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've been to Italy for a few days ... and haven't told you anything about it ... yet. Well, maybe it's because I didn't want to use the computer. I checked my emails twice and my Facebook account once. I assume it was because I left for Italy after having spent 4 days doing Qi Gong. My mind was blank and I felt easy and ... free. Sitting in front of a computer felt somehow ... how should I say? Not good? Not right?
But now I am back to working life and computers are again part of my daily living SMILE

What's to tell about my days in Italy? I went to the hair dresser. OK, you're gonna tell me that there is nothing new or fancy about me doing so because I am always going to the hairdresser while staying in Italy. What's new and fancy though is my hair cut! Oh yes. Somehow (don't know why - must have been my state of mind described above) I ended up not being my usual self, meaning I wasn't doing my usual talk: please don't cut what's not necessary. Just 2, well maybe 3, OK max 4 cm. OK?
This time ... I simply let it go.
Looking at the mirror afterwards felt strange. But only for a minute.
Now I am quite happy about my new hair style.
You want to know if I have short hair now? hahahahahah Of course not. I didn't let it go that much :-) I wear it shorter now but still not SHORT. They are more "graded" now and therefore seem "lighter".

I just thought of something. Usually when a woman cuts or changes her hair, she wants to change her life as well. That's at least what I tell all my girlfriends. Therefore, my new hair cuts suggests ... that I want more lightness in my life.

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