Saturday, January 28, 2012

(Almost) no sugar

Going into day 6 of my sugarless week. It worked out pretty well, in the end. I don't have these crazy cravings for chocolate and cookies any longer. At least not every hour of my day. Feels good! I've got one confession to make, though. Yesterday evening, I went to the movies and had ... some gummi bears :-) Oh, well, I guess that nobody is perfect and while standing in line I saw them and couldn't resist (I am lost when it comes to gummi bears!!).
Let's change subject (SMILE) and talk about the movie: The Help. Have you heard of it?

A wonderful movie. It was beautiful and sad at the same time. The world was so totally different 60 years ago (and I am not only talking about the dresses). When I left the movies I was thinking about how much times have changed until a thought struck me. OK, there is no longer an obvious black and white segregation (at least not officially like back in the fifties). But there are still millions of nannys who work in households all over the world. I thought of the Philippines that work in Hong Kong, the Eastern European girls in Milan or the thousands of Latinas that make sure that New York or Los Angeles families run smoothly. I was wondering...
What would they say while interviewed?
Would they tell the same stories?
Would there be differences?

Our neighbor is a nanny. She is an older German lady who grew up in Brazil. She is kind and soft spoken. She doesn't talk about "her" family often. She is grateful to work for them, that's what's she is telling us. But then sometimes she talks. Because she is fed up with the attitude of Mrs X (the woman she works for). And you know what?

The world has changed. I give you that. But there remain good people and there are bad people. This will never change.

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