Monday, January 23, 2012

No sugar

That's it. I have to stop eating as much sugar as I do. You know how it is - especially over the holidays: cookies, Panettone and whatever you get to buy in the stores. It's all sooo good and makes you / me feel sooo wonderful... Sigh

Friday then, the big shock. My freshly washed skinny jeans were ... really skinny! Freshly washed jeans have to be tighter but I was hardly able to close the button.
Oh my, oh my, oh my.
I have put on some weight. Probably just a kilo or two but nevertheless - unacceptable. I have been losing weight over the last couple of years, slowly but steadily.. I don't know exactly how many kilos (I never weight myself) but I am buying clothes a few sizes smaller than I used to.
Don't worry. I am no diet obsessed girl. At all. But I am proud of my smaller size and I absolutely don't want to go back where I started so many years ago.
Therefore, I decided to have a ...SUGARFREE WEEK. No Panettone. No chocolate. No "it makes me feel better" cookie.

PS: This isn't going to be easy. AT ALL. I LOVE sugar...

PSS: I will keep you updated.

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