Monday, January 30, 2012

Simonetta's World is on Facebook now...

or, at least, I will be as soon as I figured out how I can link my blog to my FB account. Does anybody out there know???

The Art of Non-Conformity

I've been reading Chris Guillebeau's book, the Art of Non-Conformity. The sub-title says it all: LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT.
This book was written for me or (to a certain point) could have been written by me. "Coincidences" -in which I don't believe- can bring you people, books, movies or whatever you need in your life. It's fabulous. This book was that for me. I read the almost 300 pages in 1 day (well, almost) and I felt totally giddy afterwards. Amazing! Read it, if you get the chance.
I live the life I want - or at least I do most of the time. Let's say I'm working on th 100% status SMILE. But reading this book helped me realise something. I want to start writing again. Not only on my book (I must admit that 2011 was not the perfect year for writing... I wasn't in the good mood to do so). 2012 is another story though. I want to write. My book, yes, but also what I like best: writing about people or stuff that interests me. What doesn't please me though is to deal with some editor-in-chief. No thanks. Done that and left it behind me.
The Solution?
Writing for my blog. Ok, you'll tell me now that's what I already do. Yes, you're right. But I was thinking of improving my blog by adding some interesting interviews or articles.

First thought was doing a serie of interviews, called "The other's world" (in opposite to Simonetta's World). I would ask friends and people I know to answer five questions for me. Plus I'll be posting pictures related to this person (or his/her art for ex.). I am still working on the details but I am totally excited about this idea of mine.

You see what reading a book can do to you?

Saturday, January 28, 2012


(Almost) no sugar

Going into day 6 of my sugarless week. It worked out pretty well, in the end. I don't have these crazy cravings for chocolate and cookies any longer. At least not every hour of my day. Feels good! I've got one confession to make, though. Yesterday evening, I went to the movies and had ... some gummi bears :-) Oh, well, I guess that nobody is perfect and while standing in line I saw them and couldn't resist (I am lost when it comes to gummi bears!!).
Let's change subject (SMILE) and talk about the movie: The Help. Have you heard of it?

Friday, January 27, 2012

The thing about dancing

I am sooo glad that I took up dancing again. It makes me feel good. Happy. I totally forgot this wonderful feeling but I am glad to have rediscovered it.
The best thing though about dancing, besides moving to music you like, is that my head "cleans out" (don't know how to say it in other words - it feels like cleaning). This is good for someone like me who thinks too much. On Thursday nights I dance and I don't think. And I go home feeling totally ... light.

While still feeling "light" this morning, I was reading an email (you know one of those you receive and that you are asked to send to x people). I usually ignore these emails but I liked the one of this morning. It startes with the following words:

"On dit" que tout ce que nous cherchons nous cherche aussi et que si nous demeurons dans le calme, ce que nous demandons viendra à nous.
(english: It is said that everything that we are searching, is searching us as well. And if we remain calm it (=what we are searching / looking for) will come to us
Deutsch: Man sagt, dass, was wir suchen, uns ebenfalls sucht. Und wenn wir in der Ruhe verweilen, wird das, was wir suchen, zu uns kommen.).

Dancing helps me "demeurer dans le calme".

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Life without sugar is harder than I thought it would be. My mind is totally screwed and is claiming a bit of chocolate, cookies etc. several times per day. Fortunately, my cupboards are free of temptations what makes the handling of these deep cravings easier, at least a bit.

Don't you think that habits are a funny thing? Sometimes one does something not because one wants to do it but ... because one's habit is to do so. One of my friends, for example, who stopped smoking told me a funny story about habits. In her case, to stop smoking was also to stop drinking coffee ... because the cigarette always went so well with the coffee and as cigarettes disappeared from her live, coffee had to go as well.
Today, she is still not smoking and not drinking coffee!

Fortunately, my sugar habits are not linked to something else. It's just this craving I feel. I am confident though that the craving will go away and I will go back to a normal use of sugar (meaning: indulge in some chocolate from time to time and NOT because I always eat it after dinner).
By the way, I had dinner with a friend yesterday and I didn't have dessert. oh my oh my oh my. It was hard. The restaurant has this wonderful "crème aux marrons" that I absolutely adore. TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY ADORE. But I didn't take it. On the way home I was so proud about myself. I don't want my sugar craving to control my life :-)

Monday, January 23, 2012

No sugar

That's it. I have to stop eating as much sugar as I do. You know how it is - especially over the holidays: cookies, Panettone and whatever you get to buy in the stores. It's all sooo good and makes you / me feel sooo wonderful... Sigh

Friday then, the big shock. My freshly washed skinny jeans were ... really skinny! Freshly washed jeans have to be tighter but I was hardly able to close the button.
Oh my, oh my, oh my.
I have put on some weight. Probably just a kilo or two but nevertheless - unacceptable. I have been losing weight over the last couple of years, slowly but steadily.. I don't know exactly how many kilos (I never weight myself) but I am buying clothes a few sizes smaller than I used to.
Don't worry. I am no diet obsessed girl. At all. But I am proud of my smaller size and I absolutely don't want to go back where I started so many years ago.
Therefore, I decided to have a ...SUGARFREE WEEK. No Panettone. No chocolate. No "it makes me feel better" cookie.

PS: This isn't going to be easy. AT ALL. I LOVE sugar...

PSS: I will keep you updated.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Once a year (usually) I sort out all my books in order to decide whether I donate them to the library or not. My room is therefore packed with books since yesterday. Amazing how many books I read per year and I have to add all those that I borrow from the library.You know, a couple of years back, when I decided to have a "lighter" life, I made a list on what to spend my money on (priorities). Number one was my rent, followed by my car and the third position went to my books and my clothing (in equal, more or less). That was when I decided to become a member of the local library (I was spending way to much money on books). This doesn't preclude though that I still buy books - I LOVE buying books (and once a year I donate them to the library...).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photo Books

I left La Gomera more than a month ago. And I still haven't produced any photo books to show to family and friends. And as yesterday I had an idea for my next trip (a short one - I am not telling yet), I HAVE TO work on the La Gomera pictures (before I am taking new ones in a new place SMILE).
The first booklet of pictures will be about "impressions". I have decided that there will be 6 themes:


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Ich besitze so einen wundervollen Kalender "365 Orte zum Träumen". Das Bild vom heutigen Tag zeigt ein Detail aus Lissabon und der Spruch dazu ist:

"Kolumbus musste von Indien träumen, um Amerika zu finden." (Emil Gött)

Ich kenne diesen Emil nicht (noch nie von ihm gehört), doch seinen Spruch finde ich wundervoll. Und so wahr. Ich glaube, darin liegt die ganze Weisheit des Lebens.

Von etwas Träumen, sich etwas wünschen - das ist wichtig. Wenn einem dann aber was anderes über den Weg läuft (in Kolumbus' Fall: Amerika), dann trotzdem hinsehen. Achtsam sein. Wahrnehmen. Zupacken.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I like taking pictures and I love exhibitions on photography. Therefore, I couldn't miss the annual photo exhibition of my town: Photo 12.I spent a wonderful 2 hours yesterday looking at all kind of pictures and later on thinking about what makes Art ... Art.
But first let me tell you about the biggest surprise of the day. I met an "old" acquaintance (someone I had met in Chicago, 1.5 years ago). I didn't actually met him in person but his photos. It was a wonderful surprise and I like his pictures very much ( Have a look at his US pictures!

Besides meeting his pictures, looking at all the photos made me think about the definition of Art. Is taking pictures while visiting a foreign country already "Art"? Is taking pictures of striking faces "Art" as well? When I philosophize about Art with one of my friends, then I am keen to repeat that Art is also about "having the idea". When you look at the final product, then it's easy to say: I could do this as well. What you didn't do, though, is have the idea.

That's my question. What is the idea behind taking pictures of striking faces? Or foreign places? I don't see any Art in this. It's more decoration or then a documentary. The latter, yes, I agree. But no Art.

But hey, I may be mistaken...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dancing ... again

Qi Gong learned me that it is important to "understand" something with your body, not only with your head.Dancing, though, is about letting the body express whatever he wants to express. I like to dance. In my sweet teens it was dancing to disco music, later dancing to house and techno music, in between there was the kind of dancing one does in an aerobic or step aerobic class and recently ... no dancing at all.
I started missing it. Badly.
A couple of years back I pondered on taking lessons in HipHop. I decided against it because HipHop was nothing for my "old" bones (even though I love the music).
I'd have loved to take lessons in Standard dancing - like the waltz but I don't have the partner to do so.

Then, to the end of last year, an idea came to my mind. Why not take classes in Line Dance? I love the music and Line Dance can be danced without a partner. I let the idea mature and then, this week, I did some googling and found a Line Dance School. I called and the owner told me to come by Thursday: Try it out, she said.
I did.


Friday, January 13, 2012

I heard it in the grapevine...

Whenever I am in Italy, I am doing or buying stuff that is a) much cheaper or b) much better then in the country where I live. Going to the hair dresser is one example, buying cosmetics another and let's please not talk about bags and shoes and clothes :-)
The shoemaker is another item on my list and as the heels of my biker boots were in need of repair, my aunt suggested that I went to Mario. She accompagnied me because I'd never have found his shop on my own in one of the hundreds of small alleys (I usually get lost most of the time). While walking there, my aunt told me, in a totally calm and reasonable voice, that Mario had killed 10 people. This was back when he was still living in Sicily.
I stopped abruptly.
He killed 10 people? I was stunned. And he wasn't in prison???? And how could she be so cool about it???
She explained that this happened a long time ago and then she said: You know how things are done down in Sicily. They are different from us. The poor guy (the poor guy??????) had to leave because otherwise the Mafia would have killed him. Now he lived here with them and had a better life.
Unfortunately, we had just arrived in his shop and I couldn't tell my aunt that I didn't want to have my biker boots done by someone that had killed people. 10! For God's sake! She introduced me to Mario who was a grumbling old guy, living above his shop and talking with this particular Sicilian accent that I (usually) love sooo much. I didn't relax completely while staying in his shop. I got extremly nervous again when he started talking about his neighbors that do not greet him when they cross each in the alley.
Uuuuuhh, I thought. They must feel as uncomfortable as I do. They actually live next to a killer! I don't know if I could greet him either...

Once we were back in the streets, I shared my latest thought with my aunt. She remained totally cool and only said: He will do good work on your boots. Don't worry.

In the evening, while sharing a meal with my cousins, I told the amazing story of Mario, the Sicilian shoemaker that had killed 10 people!
My cousin almost fell from her chair she was sitting on ... laughing, mind you!!!
I couldn't believe my eyes. Were all my relatives crazy???
She saw my suprised face and quickly explained to me ... that Mario had never killed anyone! He had to leave Sicily, that yes, but not because he had killed people but because he wasn't wanted anymore (the details are unknown). She knew for sure because she had asked him...
That made me laugh - oh yes, I was laughing so hard!

How could I have been so stupid? I should have known better than to believe the first story I heard. Experience should have learned me that the grapevine in small cities is terrible and that each story has to be doubled checked before believing it!

PS: By the way - Mario did a terrific job on my boots :-)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My grandmother's ... ghost

My grandmother from my mother's side passed away some 30 years ago. Her name was Genoeffa and she was a very nice lady who had worked very hard throughout her life (my granddad wasn't the best of men!!) and died before her time. I knew that her sister was still alive (the only one remaining of the whole family - they had 3 or 4 brothers as well) and I have been wanting to meet her for a long time but somehow never made it.
Up until last week.

We (one of my favourite aunts and I) went to meet the 83 year old lady. It was amazing. I met ... the ghost of my grandmother! I couldn't believe my eyes. I don't remember my grandmother well enough but I remember cleary two things about her:
1) her kind eyes
2) her soft skin

I found the same kind eyes and the same soft skin (I had to touch her - she almost cried because she was touched that someone remembered the soft skin of her beloved sister). One thing though was TOTALLY different.
Her language.
Maria (that's the name of the sister) talks like ... a sailor! One swear word (Fluchwort) after the other... Amazing. But at the same time it was totally funny. You know how I like language and the use of it. Therefore, she made me laugh the whole two hours we were at her house. Amazing. I looked at this frail old lady (she has a pair of very nice legs - even at ther age - that I, unfortunately, didn't inherit SMILE) with the kind eyes and the soft skin and couldn't believe the words she used! You know what? I think that even a sailor would have blushed from time to time. I found it totally hilarious.

My aunts (her nieces) though didn't think that it was funny. When I recounted my afternoon at Zia Maria's house, all of my aunts (there are four of them) looked down and mumbled something that sounded like "she has always been like that". Then I realized: they were mortified. An aunt that talks like a sailor is not something that they want to talk about!
I don't care. I think she is a hell of a lady :-) I am glad that I finally met her. It was nice seeing the kind eyes of my grandmother again and to touch the same soft skin. It's not often you get to meet a ghost ... in person :-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've been to Italy for a few days ... and haven't told you anything about it ... yet. Well, maybe it's because I didn't want to use the computer. I checked my emails twice and my Facebook account once. I assume it was because I left for Italy after having spent 4 days doing Qi Gong. My mind was blank and I felt easy and ... free. Sitting in front of a computer felt somehow ... how should I say? Not good? Not right?
But now I am back to working life and computers are again part of my daily living SMILE

What's to tell about my days in Italy? I went to the hair dresser. OK, you're gonna tell me that there is nothing new or fancy about me doing so because I am always going to the hairdresser while staying in Italy. What's new and fancy though is my hair cut! Oh yes. Somehow (don't know why - must have been my state of mind described above) I ended up not being my usual self, meaning I wasn't doing my usual talk: please don't cut what's not necessary. Just 2, well maybe 3, OK max 4 cm. OK?
This time ... I simply let it go.
Looking at the mirror afterwards felt strange. But only for a minute.
Now I am quite happy about my new hair style.
You want to know if I have short hair now? hahahahahah Of course not. I didn't let it go that much :-) I wear it shorter now but still not SHORT. They are more "graded" now and therefore seem "lighter".

I just thought of something. Usually when a woman cuts or changes her hair, she wants to change her life as well. That's at least what I tell all my girlfriends. Therefore, my new hair cuts suggests ... that I want more lightness in my life.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


First things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY! May all your wishes come true :-)
My wishes for you come when most of you are already back to "normal life". Sorry, I have been rather busy.
I must admit that the Christmas / New Year's Eve period isn't usually my favourite period of the year but this time, it was different and therefore very nice: Qi Gong course first - trip to Italy to see my family afterwards.

Very nice.

Time not only went fast but it FLEW by.

But now I am back to "normal" life with plenty of energy and ... no resolutions for 2012! I don't even have any clear vision on how 2012 has to be. I just have a wish. Please let me recognize the opportunities that cross my path...

What do you wish for?

PS: Do you know how I recognize that a new year has started? Because the gym is CROWDED! No. Sorry. Let me rephrase that. OVERCROWDED. It makes me laugh because I already know that by the end of January we will be back to the levels of ... December! Well, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Some of them might stick to their fitness programm...