Thursday, December 29, 2011

Monarch butterfly

This butterfly (Monarch), by the way, catches my eye each time I am on a trip. The first time I consciously saw one was last year in the Whitefish Dunes State Park (Wisconsin) - first picture above. Then again this year while walking around the park in San Sebastian de La Gomera.

Aren't they wonderful creatures? They don't live for a long time but while they do, they show off all their beauty and grace.

We could learn from them...

Qi Gong ... or how to close 2011 in a good way

This week I am attending a "New Year's Eve" 4 days Qi Gong course with my usual teacher. It is wonderful. Really. It helps me to ... close 2011 in a good way and to be ready for 2012.
Do you know what I find extraordinary about Qi Gong? That it enables me to "feel" with my body what my mind already knows.
I know, I know, I know. You all think that I am going crazy. I am not. Don't worry. But since I do Qi Gong I realised how much more there is to thinking.

Thinking is good and you know that I do a lot of it.

But it's not EVERY THING.

There is this thing called "body" that I / we tend to forget. And Qi Gong reminds me of it. Every time. To be good to my body. To give him enough time. To give him enough sleep. To simply take care of him. To give him enough space.

I am not saying anything about all the stuff I want to have in 2012. NOT AT ALL. I've learnt my lesson in 2011. I am keeping quiet this time. I will give my thoughts enough time. And I will give my body enough space.

I am confident that it will be wonderful.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody. Live a life in which you recognize yourself! And try to live your dreams!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I hope that you will have good time with your family (or friends, depending) and that you will eat a lot of yummy stuff and receive a lot of gifts :-))))

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting older ... and wiser?

Do you know how one recognizes that one is getting older (and I prefer to think: wiser)? When you are sitting in the movie theater with a bunch of your (younger) girlfriends and they are getting TOTALLY EXCITED over Zac Efron acting on screen :-) I tell you. Totally excited!! For me it was doubly mortifying because at first I didn't recognize him and had to ask who he was and then (after a whispered "Zac Efron, of course! Don't you know him???") my only thought was: he looks like a baby. Well. A handsome baby. But a baby nevertheless. The latter thought was kept for myself, of course, after the earlier whispered reproval. SMILE.

Do you wanna know the best about it? If getting older means prefering Daniel Craig (amongst many others) over Zac Efron, well, then I LOVE GETTING OLDER (I do anyway, by the way, these were just some thoughts...).

PS: The movie I am talking about is "New Year's Eve"...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mobile coverage

Some of you might not know. But during my stay in La Gomera I didn't have mobile coverage. No mobile phone for two and a half weeks. Do you imagine? I found it very relaxing...
Since I am back to my usual life, something strange happened. I didn't receive any SMS. People could phone me but NO SMS. I thought it was strange but did not question it (I am still in my "take it easy Gomera mood" SMILE). Then yesterday I received a lot of SMS just at once. Some of them dated last Sunday or Saturday even. Don't you think that this is funny? It's like my mobile phone tells me: I liked it while staying in La Gomera. No work. Just relax. I wanted to have a couple of more such days...
A friend of mine suggested that maybe my phone was telling me ... to go back???

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Being back

I have been back now for what? Three days? Honestly, I must admit that my body might be back but my soul isn't. At all. Usually, I have this kind of feeling when my trip is long (like last year after 6 weeks in Michigan and Illinois). Never I had this kind of feeling after being away for only 2 1/2 weeks. La Gomera is a magical place. In the first couple of days on La Gomera, when meeting people who had been on the island for a couple of months, all of them told me the same: it takes you a couple of days to get it but then the magic of La Gomera will ... envelop you.

Well, there were right!

The people on Finca Argayall kept repeating that this was because of the (very) old stones - volcano stones in fact. They, apparently, have a lot of energy... I collected as much energy as possible ... in order to survive the forthcoming winter. Fortunately, the temperatures are rather mild for the season - I wouldn't have survived the first couple of days otherwise.

This afternoon I will sort through all the pictures I have taken and start working on a photo album. This will do me good...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Adiòs Gomera

Can't believe how quickly time went by. Tomorrow I have to get up at 5am, take the ferry and then another ferry and then the bus... you know. Just like when I arrived! La Gomera is a special place and if you ever want to come here, don't hesitate!

Monday, December 5, 2011


My mind is totally blank. Believe me or not but these vacations on La Gomera did me good. Very good even. Since arriving here at the Finca I realised that my thoughts, which usually are never leaving me (you know!!), did just that. They left. What is left is a wonderful feeling of ... emptiness. Wonderful. I hadn't aimed to get there but now that I am, I am really enjoying the feeling. I talk to people all the time (met some nice Germans) but most of the time I am just sitting there, staring out to the sea and ... think nothing. I don't even dream here (I did a lot of dreaming while staying in Casa Heidi but apparently the vibes on the Finca are different). I wanted to attend some meditation courses but in the end I don't need any (and also those courses which were offered were not my gusto - too much hippie dancing in my opinion SMILE). It's great. What a wonderful way to enjoy summer time while in Northern Europe (I was told) it snowed...
Tomorrow is my last day (Wednesday will be travelling only - a very long travel but I don't wanna think about it) and I will take some last pictures of the Finca and will enjoy ... doing nothing and, most importantly, thinking nothing :-)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

last couple of days...

The last couple of my days here on La Gomera are going to be about ... not doing much. I left Casa Heidi this morning (being sad about leaving) and was driven to Finca Argayall. This Finca is a retreat where all the meals are included as well as yoga and meditation courses. It's located in a bay just near the harbor of Valle Gran Rey. What is particular though about this place that you can't come here easily. The only road that brings you here is a kind of a road but it's actually made more of rocks than anything else. In addition, it goes along the canyon wall and there is always the danger of falling rocks.

My words tell the story already. I am not gonna leave the place much. I am glad not to. Because it's peaceful and wonderful. You'll see the pictures. I am staying in a small hut in the middle of the garden. The hut is called "pyramid" because it actually looks like one. It's like a dream come true, believe me. There are small windows in the top of the pyramid and I will sleep looking at the stars!!

I plan on ... looking out to the sea, thinking nothing, reading and doing some meditation courses (maybe about the latter - have not decided yet...). Of course, I will take pictures of the wonderful garden!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Good things happen

My photo camera is working again!!! I am soooo glad. It makes no longer strange sounds and I took up taking pictures again...
Not much to tell today. It's "la calima", meaning hot weather coming from the desert... Hot winds, and hotter temperatures... Definitively summer feeling... I spent the day at the beach first and then on the patio...

Thursday, December 1, 2011


It's 10 pm and everybody in Casa Heidi is either asleep or out to the usual bar (older German couple - they are going out every night to the same bar!!!). Therefore, I have the place all to myself. What is amazing though, is that I can hear the sea! Wonderful. I am sitting here, writing these words and listening to the hoosh of the waves... Amazing. And Casa Heidi is rather far away from the beach (it takes me at least 10 minutes by foot to get there, depending on how hot it is...). Can you imagine how quiet this island is in order for me to hear the waves?

Another amazing thing just happened. I haven't told you yet that the first residents of the island had a whistling (pfeifen) comunication. It's called el Silbo and it was brought to La Gomera from the people of Northern Africa (first settlers). They used to communicate this way because they needed to hear each other without actually seeing each other - that's why they choose whistling sounds. Cool, don't you think? Yesterday in the Archeological Museum in San Seb I heard the sound of this ancient language. I was told that apparently now the younger people want to cultivate this whistling language. I just heard some whistling sounds a couple of minutes ago and Karin, who came down this minute because she forgot something in the kitchen, confirmed it to me. I heard el Silbo! I think that this is totally cool!!!


My photo camera makes really strange sounds! Help!! Each time when I turn the power on it sounds like a small machine of whatever kind... I am worried. Really worried. Fortunately, today was (again) a day of dolce far niente and I didn't need my camera. I hope that one day of rest will make the noise go away. Please. Please. Please. Make the noise go away. There are not many subjects that I want to shoot but on Saturday I am leaving Casa Heidi to go to Finca Argayall and I want to take pictures of their wonderful gardens.
Maybe my camera just needed some time off?? Let's hope that it's the case...