Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lac de Joux (Canton de Vaud)

I've lived in the French part of Switzerland for about 5 years and I must admit that, back in these days, I was not very much interested in visiting places. My life pretty much consisted of: working (usually some shitty job), going out, going clubbing, going shopping and getting ready for the next weekend (which usually meant: sleeping!). Well, this weekend, I've visited friends of mine that live on Lake Geneva and, besides the usual shopping strip (I can't be someone I am not!!), we went to do a very nice and long walk on Lac de Joux. It's in the northern part of the canton of Vaud. Very nice place but judge it yourself.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Eighties

It's funny. The Eighties Revival is funny. I'd have NEVER EVER EVER EVER thought back then, that one day (in the distant 2011 - a date which was unbelivable to me back then) I would wear the same clothes again and watch remakes of the movies I adored.
Here I am, not only wearing belts around my hip again, or pullovers that remind me of a bat. No. I am gonna watch Footloose in the movie theater (a remake, of course!).

Funny funny.

My younger friends with whom I am going to the cinema (they are all more or less 10 years younger), looked skeptical when I told them that Footloose had been the first movie I was allowed to watch in a cinema (going to the cinema was quite special back then - we didn't get to go that much!). The look on their faces (which said: what the hell are you saying? - but they are too polite to actually say it out loud) made me feel (at least for a second) rather old. Almost ANCIENT. But only for a second. Then proudness prevailed.

I got to be young in the Eighties. I LOVED being young during the Eighties. Who else got to wear such crazy outfits, such crazy make-up, such crazy hairdos??? Well, maybe those who were young during the Seventies. But we come just right after them...

PS: Footloose is about a small city where dancing was prohibited! Imagine! It really feels like ... another world.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shopping ... again

Yesterday, I went shopping. Again. All I wanted to shop, though, were a pair of blue ballerinas that I had ordered in a shop last week and that were waiting for me to be picked up. Plus I needed a specific guidebook (but this is gonna for another post).
But then I was sitting in the bus and my mobile phone started ringing. A friend of mine was telling me, all excited, that shop XX (I don't like to name them) had 30% off on all the winter coats. I had already thought about buying an additional winter coat because the one I own is black and I can only be worn with trousers. An additional coat (no black and short in order to wear it with large trousers or skirts) would be very nice, therefore, I called the phone call "a sign" (hahahah as I needed an excuse to do some shopping!!) and went to the shop. What a lucky day! I found a really nice coat (picture 1). The amount of the 30% off was invested into a very nice pair of brown ballerinas (picture 2).

When leaving the shop (in a mood of total shopping happiness), my feet directed me to ... H & M (the only shop I name because it's my top favourite number one shop). Where else?? I left half an hour later owning two scarfs (picture 3) and a pullover (picture 4):

You probably don't get the pullover well. It was difficult to take a good picture. It has short and tight sleeves, the "body" is rather "voluminous" and stops at mid thigh. Worn with tight pants it looks pretty cool.

What is funny though about this shopping spree is ... that all I bought is not "new" to me. Because:
  • picture one: I owned the exact version of such a coat back in the Eighties. I remember it well because I bought it in Paris and when I came to Switzerland wearing this coat everybody was asking me about it (it stood out!)
  • picture two: brown ballerinas are certainly not something "new" but they are gonna be soo nice with my blue trousers
  • picture three: orange! Who would have thought that I would wear orange again? (even though it's a colour that suits my skin tone and the colour of my eyes very well)
  • picture four: back to the Eighties. Honestly. Who has never worn a "bat" outfit back then??
I am gonna look totally amazing in my new outfits (I already have all the combinations in my head - my life style is all about combinations - believe me!!).
Excuse me to flatter  myself the way I'm doing but hey, I am sooo happy about this shopping spree:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Doors open

I sometimes forget that overdoing (in whatever aspect of your life) is not better than doing nothing at all.Really. Our society suggests that one must ... move, do, organise, etc. Every day. Every minute. Every second. Stress is good. Stress makes you feel. Stress makes you ... someone.
Don't misunderstand me. I have nothing against "doing" and life is certainly not happing while you are sitting in your living room waiting for things to come to you. No. But life flashes by you if you are overdoing. You are not seeing what is really important. Your head is full of noise, images, words and therefore the really important images and words are being "overlooked".
Life has thought me (and I unfortunately often forget) that stopping, thinking, feeling ... well, simply being, is what brings new ideas, is what brings you forward.
I am glad that I remembered in time...

Monday, October 17, 2011


You might remember me saying, back at the beginning of 2011, that this year was going to be about changes in my life. I had STRONG feelings about changes.
The first couple of months of this year, though, my inner voice kept telling me to wait. That there were gonna be changes but not yet. NOT YET. So I waited and waited and waited.
What you might not know is that waiting is not (as in NOT AT ALL) a strong point of my character.

In June, I run out of patience (it's a miracle that I actually lasted so long). I like my inner voice, really!, but I was sick and tired of waiting. I wanted to DO something. I love action and I got myself action.

Guess what happened since then? Well, ... NOTHING. I did get a lot of action, though, but NO results. Summing up, all the persons I met during this time, told me the same: we have nothing against you, but right now, no thanks. Amazing. I am totally not used to this. Usually, I have an idea, I start working on it and almost immediately get results.
Not in 2011, apparently.

So, yesterday it hit me. I should have listened to my inner voice. It's really not time yet. And I decided to stop doing and start being.And to keep faith...

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Autumn has us now. Definitively. Today is gray and cold and I don't want to leave my room!! Therefore, I decided to ... continue my writing.
I haven't told you about the story I am writing, have I? For the simple reason that summer time is not ideal for writing (I've been doing some but not a lot of it!). When the sun is shining and the temperatures are hot, I want to go to the lake and  ... read a book ... instead of writing one. SMILE
In addition, I had some kind of blocking. There is this figure of the mother and for months I wasn't able to figure out how should feel, what she should say, how to make her act. I tried several ways but none were to my likeness. Until recently. Now I know that I want her to be straightforward and clear (even though she hasn't always been in her life).
Plus there is this new person which will appear: Joe Vincenzo, the private eye. I haven't written one single word about him but I like him already (because he's existed in my head for a few weeks now).
Don't worry. I am not writing about a murder but one need a private eye for other reasons than murder, right? That's where Joe will have his appearence.

Foggy and cold days like today are helpful to my story!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fashion ... again

My summer clothes were dismissed last week. Definitively.
It's sad because summer is over.
But at the same time it's good because it felt like Christmas (finding all the stuff I completely forgot about during the warm season). Like my wonderful boots, for ex., or my colored blouses that I bought in Chicago. I completely forgot about my Fendi bag (an imitation, of course!!) that I bought in Como. And what to say about my woolen jacket in grey? Wonderful. Wonderful :-)

After putting away all my winter clothes, I somehow felt like going to H & M (where else?) to ..., well, have a look at the new collections. Well, I didn't just look ... I bought some stuff as well (being who I am... SMILE).
It was my lucky day.
I found blue trousers (slim and ankle lenght). I've been looking for such trousers the whole summer but I never found some in the exact shade of blue that I like. I am sooo happy to have found them!!
Then I bought some shirts to wear with jeans (nothing fancy just simple shirts) and a ... belt!
Do you wonder what is so special about buying a belt? Well, if you have not been young during the Eighties and if you have not sworn to NEVER NEVER again wear what you were wearing during those ... crazy times, well, you won't understand. But wearing a long shirt with a belt over my hips again? No, in my mind that was too much like the Eighties. (Back then belts were a very important part of my outfits and I had one in black and the other in pink, that I had bought in Paris and this alone was incredible. I did wear them with my coloured blouses and leggings!!).

Never say never -apparently because I feel like wearing long skirts this winter, long skirts with shirts that I will "tie" on my hips. Do you know what I mean? I am gonna look sooooo eighties, but hey soooo eighties (OK, with few more grey hairs and wrinkles as back then SMILE) but it's gonna be soooo cool.
All I need to do now is to find ... a long skirt and a nice shirt to wear with :-)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yes, my dears, it's time for ... autumn / winter clothes. The weather forecast talks about 10 degres for tomorrow (or was is Friday?) and therefore ... no summer outfits any longer. SIGH

Aaaahhh, I will miss them (and the hot wheather, the long days, my sun tan, aaah, let me stop otherwise I'm gonna cry!!). On the other hand, thinking about and buying new winter clothes is fun as well.

Tomorrow or Friday I will put my summer stuff into my suitcase, drive my Fiat to my parent's house, unpack the whole thing and pack winter stuff instead.
You are wondering why I need to drive to my parent's house in order to do this? Well my gypsy life doesn't allow a lot of stuff in the room I'm renting and therefore (thank God for my parents!!) I leave the stuff I don't need with them.
The "operation winter stuff" is gonna be a wonderful occasion to work through my things and to decide whether I want to keep this or that for the next season or not. My mauve bag comes to my mind, then there is this white one and the other white one. A pair of sandals (never worn the whole summer!!!). Some trousers, some t-shirts - well, I think you got the idea.

Once the sorting out process will be done, the fun part starts: descovering my winter clothes (it's amazing how each time I completely forget about the stuff I wore last winter!!) AND deciding on what to buy. I LOVE the latter part: to stroll through the shops (some of them, like Prada, I simply devour the window displays! not my budget...), to decide what suits me and my gypsy life (meaning: few but perfect and interchangeable outfits), to decide on the perfect nail polish colour, the bags, the shoes, the ear rings, etc.
I think you got the idea again.
What makes me think of ... going toItaly soon. My outfits can't be perfect without me strolling through any Italian mercato!!