Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan (2010)


Nothing else, in our modern lives, makes me so aware how quick time goes by as technology.

A couple of years back (mmmhhhh, I mean 6 or 7 years back) I won a Mini iPod. I NEVER (and I mean NEVER) win something but I won this Mini iPod (I won't get into the story on how I won it - this isn't what I want to talk to you about). This Mini iPod is, since then, something special to me. For those of you that never win something it might be quite understandable. I cherish my Mini iPod. It's silver-colored and cute. And I won it!

3 years ago I had to change its battery but otherwise it always run smoothly. Now, 1 month ago, I realised that I needed new batteries again. So I went to get new batteries. I entered the Apple Store and explained my problem.

You should have seen the sales clerk's face. INDESCRIBABLE! He looked at the iPod in my hand, then looked at me and then back to my iPod. I suppose that training oblige him to be friendly but he couldn't control the expression of his eyes. They said: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???
I don't care what a young (very young!!) clerk might think of me or my iPod because the latter is dear to my heart. All I needed were new batteries.

I was told to go to the first floor: after-sale service. There weren't many people and therefore it was promptly my turn. The funny expression of the clerk! Again! I explained that I wanted new batteries, he frowned and asked his colleague: Do you know if we still have batteries for this model?
The colleague looked at my iPod like I would stare at a snake and then said: I don't think so. But go check to be sure.

I was shocked. Not once, NOT ONCE, I had thought of that. That they wouldn't have new batteries for my seven-year-old iPod. I started an internal mantra: please let them have a battery left. Please let them have a battery left. Please... well, you got the idea.

Wonders do happen. They had a battery left. THE LAST ONE. I wanted to hug fate or luck or whatever you want to call it. My iPod was conceded a few years more. Today was definitively a lucky one! Next time my battery is dead I will have to buy a new iPod. Or maybe I will win one?

PS: The bottom line of this post is that nowadays a seven year old technologial toy is OLD. No, not old. More than old. So old like... Greek Art or Mesopatamiam Art, i.e. 2000 years and more old - do you get the idea?

PS: I don't like this aspect of modern life much. Have you have thought about where all the so-called old technological stuff ends? At the dumb? What a waste but I know, the issue cannot be explained with a few words. Too complex. I know but...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Check this out...

PS: These are friends of mine (I helped with the text on the Internet page...). The girls are pretty cool!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Bücher begleiten mich, seit ich lesen kann. Das geht sicher vielen von euch so.Und so manches Buch hat meine Art zu denken, zu fühlen, gut vielleicht nicht radikal, aber zumindest ein bisschen verändert.

Siddhartha von Hermann Hesse war so ein Buch für mich. Wie viele Jugendliche verschlang ich es damals und ich fand es das non plus ultra aller Bücher. Dann legte ich es ins Bücherregal und damit hatte es sich.

Bis ich letzte Woche davon las (ich las in einem Buch einer Frau, die alleine drei Wüsten dieser Welt durchquerte und bei einer dieser Reise war Siddhartha so quasi ihr Reisebuch).
Siddhartha geht ja in dieser Geschichte auf eine Reise und da ich mich zurzeit auch irgendwie zu Beginn einer (neuen) Reise fühle, dachte ich mir: Ich muss das Buch wiedermal lesen. Samstags fand ich es dann in der Bibliothek und gestern, es war so richtiges Lesewetter, verschlang ich es.

Es ist immer noch schön, dieses Buch. Die Sprache, die Bilder, die in mir aufkommen - ehrlich. Wunderschön. Doch der eine Satz, auf Seite 151, ging mir ganz tief ins Herz:

[...] Wenn jemand sucht, dann geschieht es leicht, dass sein Auge nur noch das Ding sieht, das er sucht, dass er nichts zu finden, nichts in sich einzulassen vermag, weil er nur immer an das Gesuchte denkt, weil er ein Ziel hat, weil er vom Ziel besessen ist. Suchen heisst: ein Ziel haben. Finden aber heisst: frei sein, offen stehen, kein Ziel haben.[...]

Hey, das passt genau in meine jetztige Gemütslage. Ab heute will ich finden...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


You already know that my days are about: Changes. Big Changes. As mentioned in my earlier post. But yesterday, I realized that besides looking for change, for possibilities or whatever (I mean: going forward, move in another director, go beyond what I know), there is another issue.

Learning to say: I made a mistake. This is not the good way. Let's start from the beginning.

It hit me pretty hard. Where is all my enthusiasm gone? I started "my way into changes" 100% convinced that I would pick up a lot of new ideas, get to know a lot of people ... change my life, in fact.
And then I realized that the idea was fine but that the handling of it was all wrong for me.

Do you wonder what that means?

Simple. I start all over again. Actually not "all over". The basic idea was correct, I simply need to bring it in another direction. And find the energy to do so.

Monday, September 5, 2011


These days my life turns around ... change. Big change! The change that... changes my life (sorry, couldn't find another verb). I'm into hours of research (what did we do before the Internet??? I would probably have spent my last three weeks in the library!!) and am finding lots of interesting stuff.
I had this idea that I wanted to do some volunteering in order to... get new ideas.
Well, just the research on volunteering gives me thousands of new ideas.


My head is about to explode. I NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER in my life would have thought that going this new path would bring me soooo much information. Incredible. I haven't done anything yet ... besides sitting in front of my computer and typing words into Google.

Now I have to take a break. I don't want to THINK any more. Every thing, every thought, every project I have read about, needs to settle down.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me stop thinking :-)