Monday, August 29, 2011

read this today...

Viaggio molto per vincere la mia tentazione alle abitudini. Le abitudini accorciano il tempo, i cambiamenti lo allungano. (Dacia Maraini)

Ich reise viel, um die Versuchung der Gewohnheit zu bezwingen. Die Gewohnheiten verkürzen die Zeit, die Abwechslung verlängert sie. (Dacia Maraini)

Friday, August 26, 2011


Summertime is also ... to peg out your laundry and having it dry within the next couple of hours!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The wisdom of kids

My nephew and I were talking about his ... future! He is 3 years old (no, excuse me - almost 4 years old - very important difference!) and there is not a more serious topic then that to a 3-almost-4-years-old guy. Believe me!
He wants to be a farmer... because riding a tractor is heaven to him (right now... we'll see later on SMILE). So he was talking about all the different tractors, cars and motorbikes he once would own. The kid as clear ideas - let me tell you that.
Suddendly he says: "Zia (Italian for aunt), you know, you can be part of my farm as well. You could feed the chicken or the pigs or take care of the cows while I'll be driving the tractor."

Isn't he fantastic? Already knows how to delegate all the shitty stuff and how to keep the fun stuff for himself.

I had a hard time not to start laughing out loud (he would have been vexed, his future tractors are serious business, nothing to make fun about!).

What really pissed him of though is that he needs to wait too long in order to be a farmer. Twice all the fingers of his hands - definitively too much for him. He was a bit depressed but then we started talking about the fox he's seen (it was last spring - but, hey, who is counting?) and all worries about his future went away!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Gestern musste der Hund einer Freundin von mir eingeschläfert werden. Ich habe nie ein Haustier besessen, doch ich kann mir vorstellen (und es in meinem Herzen fühlen), wie hart das für alle Beteiligten sein muss. Die Leere im Haus. Im Herzen. Es ist traurig. Faro, wir werden dich vermissen!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Putting old stuff away

It has been awhile since I've last posted. I have been working two jobs and therefore haven't had much time to share my thoughts with you.

Want to change that today - it's about putting old stuff away.

My parents had some serious flooding in their basement (1.5 m of water!!) and now they are working hard on getting the rooms cleaned off mud and soil but they had to through away a lot of stuff because, if you never have witnessed what too much water does to things, then you can't imagine. It's aweful.
Almost everything was ruined.

My parents keep telling me that it's OK, it was only "things", nobody got hurt. I believe them. It's definitevely only things and fortunately nobody got hurt. Nevertheless, letting stuff go is never easy. And it's even harder when it's not YOU that decide upon it but the weather.
Today, I'm comparing the cleaning up action in my parents' basement with my own life. I am doing a lot of cleaning up as well. Not literally, figuratively. I am thinking a new life, these days, and I have noticed that the "old way" of mine to "do" things doesn't work any longer.
You want a new life - life seems to tell me - then think of new ways to get it.

So new ways is somewhat my new slogan. Wish me luck.