Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I don't know what to tell you on my Blog these days. I am going through a very strange period. Definitively strange but the feeling is not new to me because I recognize the signs.
And the signs say: There are changes at the horizon!
Pretty, cool, I must admit (you know that I LOVE changes) but what I don't love is ... to have to wait. Ah yes, patience is not my forte, not at all, I am afraid.

That is why I don't have much to say these days.

You could say that I am kind of in between ... something :-) which leaves me with nothing much to say (you know about the old stuff and as I don't know - yet - about the new stuff... well, you know...)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Samstagmorgen in der Früh. Der Schöbi muss an einen Kurs in Aarau und denkt sich: 1 Stunde für die Hinfahrt ist genügend. ha ha ha. Ich hätte es besser wissen müssen (da ich mich kenne!!) :-)
Ich hatte eine Wegbeschreibung, die sagte: Ausfahrt Aarau Ost nehmen und dann Richtung Aarau. Erstes Problem: es standen zwei Aarau angeschrieben (blaue und grüne Tafel). Ich nahm die blaue und es stellte sich dann später heraus: (typisch) Es war die falsche!!! Ich will euch nicht mit Details langweilen. Es war schlussendlich 9.57 und der Schöbi war irgendwo, nur nicht da, wo ich hin wollte.
Der Kurs begann ohne mich und ich düste in Aarau hin und her (Baustellen, Einfahrt, weiss Gott was). 10.20 Uhr hatte ich so die Schnautze voll, dass ich einfach ins erstbeste Parkhaus in der Altstadt parkte. Mehr Glück als Verstand. Weeeeiiiittt mehr Glück als Verstand. Glaubt mir. Ich brauchte zwar nachher noch 10 Minuten, um "meine" Gasse zu finden (KEIN Einheimischer kannte sie - was sind das für Leute!!????), doch in der Mittagspause fand ich dann heraus, dass ich buchstäblich zwei Minuten vom Kursort geparkt hatte!!! OHNE WORTE PS: Ich frage mich, ob es an der Zeit wäre, ein GPS zu kaufen? Oder würde ich mich auch mit Technik verfahren????

Friday, April 15, 2011

People watching

Yesterday evening I was standing near a tram stop waiting for a friend of mine (we were going to have some afterwork drinks :-). While I was standing there and waiting (I had arrived too early), I started watching the people that left the tram. It was 5.30 pm and therefore the crowd was rather big... and stressed. What amazed me most, though, was how different people were. You know it and I know it too but from time to time I kind of REALIZE it again - how different we all are! Big and small, tall and short, fat and thin, bald and hairy. Men and women. Girls and boys. But the styles, oh my God, the styles. Amazing. There were people that had very nice outfits and I kind of thought that I wanted to copy what they were wearing. I saw guys in very nice suits, wearing very cool shoes that went well with their suits. But then, most of them, unfortunately, were just .... well, how should I put this nicely? Unbelievable? A couple of times I even thought: Where the hell did she or he buy this outfit???? Where do you buy such stuff in 2011???? Where??? And I am NOT talking about hair styles and bags and shoes. That left me speechless (which is rather unusual with me SMILE). I am being unfair, I know. Not everybody is interested in fashion and life is also about "living and let others live"... but, hey, living is soooo much nicer with a nice outfit, don't you think?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I haven't had much time, these last couple of days, to update my blog because... yes, well, I am kind of getting ready for summer. Meaning? Meaning that I am sorting out my closet.

oh my oh my oh my

The NGO which is collecting old clothes will be really but really happy about me (and my cousins as well because they will get my bags!). I have given away so much old stuff that I feel... lighter. It's amazing.
How come that I accumulate so much stuff? How come? I am supposed not to spend too much money on clothes and therefore I always buy new clothes in a conscious way. Nevertheless, stuff amass in my closet... unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE.

Anyway, my closet now looks pretty amazing, let me tell you. I am proud of what I have achieved and I really feel better (old stuff kind of slows me down - unconsciously).
Regardless, I will from now on do my shopping in an even more conscious way (because if I think of what I could have done with the money that now went to the NGO in form of clothes that I actually never wore... wow, I probably could have spent it ... in a shopping trip to Milano). SMILE

GIRLS NEVER CHANGE. Why should we????

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

About Spring ... again

Today my thoughts go to the persons who can't enjoy spring ... because they have allergies.

Imagine it.

Outside you see nature at it's best and you (being allergic to whatever flower or gras) simply cannot stand it because it's makes your eyes water (and worse).

Therefore, my thoughts go out to you. Don't worry. Summer will be here soon and then you can tell your allergies good-bye!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring is not only in the air...

but also in my head :-)
Because I can't stand my winter clothes any longer!

I ... CAN'T ... STAND ... THEM ... ANY ... LONGER.

I want to go shopping. I want to buy new stuff. I want ... I don't know ... to go to Milano, or New York or London and do some serious shopping (with somebody else's credit card - of course!). I want to look like a new me.

Spring is definitively about changing.
Why not start with some new clothes and then maybe to pass on to something else. Like a new life or whatever????