Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it's ... again ... about hair

When I was younger, I always said that wearing long hair after 40 was ... inappropriate and that I, for instance, would never have long hair after turning 40. NEVER.

Well, never say never, right?

I am now into my forties and have ... long hair :-) And had to smile, last week, at the hairdresser, while talking about this issue with an older lady. She said: "40? No, my dear. 50 is the age limit! Definitively 50! After 50 no long hair. Impossible."

Well, I just smiled and said NOTHING because if I will having long hair when turning 50 nobody will take me seriously again!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not about happy stuff

Watching television, in particular the News, gets me upset these days.

My heart goes out to the Japanese. I feel sick when I think that they not only have lost everything but now have to struggle with nuclear shit in their food, water, etc. Not to talk about what this disaster will do to our planet, long term. OK, let me stop right here otherwise I am going to get really mad and madness is useless.

Then the Lybian - why is the answer still war? WHY? Hasn't history (and present times) shown us that war NEVER is the answer. Makes me sooo sad.

Then all these Algerians that are leaving their country for Europe. They strand in Italy and then what? If I were them I'd probably do the same but what will we do with all these people? Is there a future for them? Again, it makes me so sad.
Will they be like all these Easter European persons who are knocking at my door these days (I am working at home and therefore get it)? My heart goes out for them. They stand there, tell me, in poor German, their story (never a nice one, of course) and want to sell me some home-made stuff like brooches, Christmas decorations or lucky stones. Once in a while I buy something (I know I shouldn't, but hey, my heart melts for them) but what can their future actually be? Is there anything like a future for them?

I feel so powerless.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life is funny

There is this guy I know. I have actually known him for what? 15 years now. We met when I was living in Lausanne and was in what I call today my "party fever era" (i.e. me and my best friend at that time spent our time going to house and techno parties. My whole, I swear, WHOLE life rotated around parties: where will we go next Friday/Saturday/Sunday? and most important: WHAT will we wear? A remarkable time, believe me!).

Well, during this time, we met this guy, let's call him B., each weekend at the same parties. He was, like myself, not a native of the region - what made us kind of "similar". We started talking. Funny guy. Good looking in a special way. A bit into drugs but still able to hold conversations. We became sort of friends even though we never met in other circumstances. We never actually had an entire conversation. We yelled at each other over the beat of the music and had lots of laughs but that was it.
Then, I don't remember well, either me or him left Lausanne and we lost track of each other.

At least I thought that we had lost track because, short afterwards, we started meeting each other. Every 3 to 4 years. By chance. In the strangest places. Each time we greet each other like we were really good and really old friends, we talk 5 - 10 minutes and then we say goodbye, see you next time!
It's the funniest "friend" I have. I don't know him but I like him. Both of us don't want to meet and have coffee and talk. This is the real funny thing about our "friendship". We meet every 3/4 years and we are happy about the situation.
Like yesterday.
I had coffee with a friend and she accompagnied me to the bus station. But because we were early, she suggested to have a walk before and therefore we headed in the other direction. A couple of meters later there he was!
Again: Ciao, ciao, come stai? Che bello vederti! (hi, how are you. It's nice to see you again.) A big hug, a compressed version of our lifes of the last couple of years and then: ciao, ci vediamo!

See you next time! In a couple of years!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Warum heisst Sekundenkleber Sekundenkleber? Weil er eben in einer Sekunde alles klebt.

Beispiel gefällig?

Das Ohrring (ich wollte die Kugel wieder an das eiserne Teil kleben) an meinem Zeigefinger.

Ich schwör's. Eine Sekunde lang (kein Wortspiel) sah ich mich schon, mit einer Kugel an meinem Zeigefinger durchs Leben gehen. Doch dann, glücklicherweise, kriegte ich sie weg.

pfhuuu, Schwein gehabt.
Und beim zweiten Anlauf kriegte ich dann auch meinen Ohrring wieder so hin, wie ich ihn gekauft hatte.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yesterday I strongly felt the urge to go shopping. I often do, especially when the sun is shinning or when season change is imminent. But as these days I am spending my money more consciously, I am not allowing my urges for shopping to get too strong. Yesterday though was different because I urgently needed a new jacket.

It was a wonderful day. I found a jacket and ballerinas. I tried on several shirts and blouses but finally nothing left me breathless. I went home feeling happy anyway. I had a new jacket - what did I want more?

Shopping trips don't turn out so well each time. Do you know the feeling? You go out shopping because you URGENTLY need some new stuff (for real or just because you need to feel better) and then you find nothing. Nothing at all. What's worse on such days is that every single piece of clothing you try on makes you feel:

a) fat
b) ugly

Then, in addition, the light in the dressing room doesn't add to your well being because you feel:

a) really fat
b) so pale
c) your hair looks awful
d) and we are NOT speaking about what this light does to your cellulitis

Usually, on such days I don't get it immediately. I keep on going, hoping for some luck but in every store I feel worse. Usually, after the third or forth shop I get it and go home or back to work.
And I try to forget what I looked like in these dressing rooms (NOT by eating some chocolate, mind you!).

Yesterday, fortunately, wasn't such a day. Yesterday, everything felt wonderful and I even left the last store thinking that I had lost some kilos.

Females and their hormones. A never-ending story.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


These days I am pretty much into spring and summer fashion 2011. You know that I like fashion. And I adore fashion magazines (I came back from Milan with about 10 of them!! crazy).
Well, and because the weather outside is not yet giving us the real spring (and summer is even more far away), I concentrate on magazines.

I am NOT talking about all the nice bags I keep seeing (MiuMiu, as usual, being my favourite - but only in my imagination, of course. Way too expensive, way way way too expensive!!). Let's stick with something which is (at least a bit) more affordable: bracelets.

I've seen some at the Tod's webside: (go to summer women collection and then click on accessoires, then look for the bracelets - it's the yellow one with the leather and the plastic). I mean, it's only EUR 198 ... SMILE
I said just a bit more affordable :-) but hey, one can dream, right?

Friday, March 4, 2011


Today, at the gym, I've overheard a conversation between a young and an older guy.

The young guy says to the older (after looking him up from head to toes): Have you lost some weight?

The older (looking down at his rater big belly) mumbles something incomprehensible but looks at the younger guys with eyes that ask: You think so?

The young one (again, looking close): mmmh, yes, I think so. At least you look thinner than you did a few weeks back.

I didn't listen to the rest of their conversation (which went on for a couple of minutes) because I had to concentrate on NOT laughing.

Aaaah, men - aren't they wonderful? And not so different from us, finally :-)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My writing

47'216 words. 185 pages. My writing is coming along well. Very well. Believe me.

I haven't had much time to spare for my story at the end of last year (I was working full time - that's the reason). But now, from January on, I am working part time again (three days a week) and therefore I have time to write.

Ooooh, how I missed it. Not only the writing itself but my story characters: Alex, Amanda, Sebastian, Sally, Samantha, the ghosts, the butlers. Awesome.

I have just written the "point of culmination" of the story - I am sooo glad to have finally gotten there. I hope that my future readers will have the same craving to get to this point. Now the puzzle must be solved - but, don't worry, there will be a happy end because I HATE stories with no happy end. I am simple that way. A story without happy end is no story for me. Hey, that's who I am...

My main aim at this point is to get to the end of my story. Once I will have the end written, I will go back to the pages and re-work them.

Could that be one of my 2011 goals: to get my story finished.
Wouldn't that be something?